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What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.

Basavakalyan Pincode / Post Office Search (BIDAR, Karnataka)

Algood B.O 585419BasavakalyanKarnataka
Basavakalyan Bazar S.O 585327BasavakalyanKarnataka
Basavakalyan S.O 585327BasavakalyanKarnataka
Belura B.O 585327BasavakalyanKarnataka
Bet Balkunda B.O 585327BasavakalyanKarnataka
Betgera B.O 585419BasavakalyanKarnataka
Bhosga B.O 585419BasavakalyanKarnataka
Chandakapur B.O 585419BasavakalyanKarnataka
Chiknagaon B.O 585437BasavakalyanKarnataka
Chitta (K) B.O 585419BasavakalyanKarnataka
Dhannura(K) B.O 585327BasavakalyanKarnataka
Ekamba B.O 585419BasavakalyanKarnataka
Gadlegaon B.O 585437BasavakalyanKarnataka
Ghotala B.O 585419BasavakalyanKarnataka
Gorta (B) B.O 585327BasavakalyanKarnataka
Goundgaon B.O 585416BasavakalyanKarnataka
Gour B.O 585327BasavakalyanKarnataka
Gundoor B.O 585419BasavakalyanKarnataka
Halli B.O 585419BasavakalyanKarnataka
Hallikhed SF S.O 585415BasavakalyanKarnataka
Harkud B.O 585437BasavakalyanKarnataka
Hattarga B.O 585419BasavakalyanKarnataka
Hipparga Bagh B.O 585437BasavakalyanKarnataka
Hipparga Ghat B.O 585437BasavakalyanKarnataka
Hirenagaon B.O 585437BasavakalyanKarnataka
Honalli B.O 585419BasavakalyanKarnataka
Hulsoor S.O 585416BasavakalyanKarnataka
Islampur B.O 585331BasavakalyanKarnataka
Jajanmugali B.O 585419BasavakalyanKarnataka
Kadepur B.O 585327BasavakalyanKarnataka
Kalkhora B.O 585437BasavakalyanKarnataka
Khanapur (K) B.O 585327BasavakalyanKarnataka
Kherda (A) B.O 585326BasavakalyanKarnataka
Kherda B.O 585437BasavakalyanKarnataka
Kinni B.O 585437BasavakalyanKarnataka
Kitta B.O 585327BasavakalyanKarnataka
Kohinoor B.O 585419BasavakalyanKarnataka
Ladwanti B.O 585419BasavakalyanKarnataka
Maisalga B.O 585437BasavakalyanKarnataka
Matala S.O 585419BasavakalyanKarnataka
Mirkhal B.O 585416BasavakalyanKarnataka
Morkhandi B.O 585327BasavakalyanKarnataka
Muchlam B.O 585327BasavakalyanKarnataka
Mudbi S.O 585437BasavakalyanKarnataka
Narayanpur B.O 585327BasavakalyanKarnataka
Nirgudi B.O 585331BasavakalyanKarnataka
Pandargera B.O 585331BasavakalyanKarnataka
Partapur B.O 585327BasavakalyanKarnataka
Rajeshwar S.O 585331BasavakalyanKarnataka
Rajola B.O 585331BasavakalyanKarnataka
Rola B.O 585331BasavakalyanKarnataka
Sastapur B.O 585327BasavakalyanKarnataka
Tadola B.O 585331BasavakalyanKarnataka
Toglur B.O 585327BasavakalyanKarnataka
Ujlam B.O 585419BasavakalyanKarnataka
Yeklera B.O 585437BasavakalyanKarnataka
Yelladgundi B.O 585419BasavakalyanKarnataka
Yerandi B.O 585437BasavakalyanKarnataka
Yerbagh B.O 585331BasavakalyanKarnataka